Sustainability is and always been at the forefront of our ethos.

The most important properties of our surfboards;

Last as long as possible,

Easily reparable,

Zero loss of performance (if anything gain),

They are made from a balance of the most high quality yet most sustainable materials* available and are also easily recycled if needs be.

A board shouldn’t get worse as it ages. It should get better! Break it in almost, like a guitar.


We use real wood FSC certified veneers on our decks. These act as both over all stiffness to the board (a stringer on a stringer less core) and reinforcement to protect the deck from pressure dings. Also now with a 'bare wood' oak deck option, which needs no wax!

We have also replaced the standard EPS cores with a bio mass version**, which also happens to be slightly better than EPS and much easier to recycle. The manufacturers even take take the offcuts back to recycle. This means we are getting very close to our boards being fossil oil free.

Our workshop is 100% wind powered.

We reuse and recycle everything we can in the workshop.

Minimise use of consumables and develop ways to be actually zero waste.

Make use of offcuts.

Any time we find a material that can improve on the eco aspect of our boards and not alter the performance.

Always making little tweaks and adjustments to our processes which either improve the board itself or the sustainability of the build.

Surfboard manufacturing technology has been years behind pretty much all other composite industries forever. In fact, its been pretty much stuck in the same stagnant stage for about 50 years. This is mainly due to the cheaper price tag of the old resins and blanks, the ease of use of it and the speed in which a board can be produced. Epoxy is much stronger in every way, therefore harder to sand and finish each layer, thus taking longer to build each board. 




*more info on the products we use;



**more info on the biomass eps here