Predn Surf Co team of local shapers

Pete                         Tim                          Laura

Founder Pete is the latest in a long line of Cornish boat builders, and a lifelong surfer. In 2017, he built his first ever hollow wooden surfboard in a friend's garage. Several more quickly followed, and with each one, he learned a little bit more about what would constitute the perfect ecofriendly surfboard, the one that might change the surfing industry for good: one that performs better, lasts longer and is easier to get your hands on than a traditional board. This crystalised into the three pillars of Predn Surf Co: Performance, Sustainability and Accessibility.

Pete's close friend Tim quickly joined the quest, taking charge of product development and helping Predn Surf Co market its new creations. Tim transitioned to surfing from kitesurfing, and right from the start of his involvement, the ideas flowed, new materials were discovered and new techniques developed. Today, one of our most popular shapes, the Jafar, is named after him! 

But more hands were needed if Predn Surf Co was to achieve the production capacity required to honour its objective of making its boards easily accessible. Enter Laura, a friend and neighbour of Pete and Tim. A Frenchwoman with a background in beauty therapy, Laura easily transitioned from filing and varnishing nails to sanding and glassing surfboards! Laura's surfboard shape is the Frenkek, or Frenchie.

The latest addition to the Predn Surf Co team is Chard. After a chance encounter in the waves, the Newquay-based surfer and content creator went on to provide images and text for our brand, finally becoming a fully-fledged member of the team in 2022. When he's not surfing the local, he's surfing the 'net, running our comms channels!