About us

Starting with the first hollow wooden surfboard in 2017 in some friends (Tom and Donna) garage, during some down time. Founder, Pete, quickly started realising the damage that the surf industry was causing and the irony of surfers feeling so close to nature, yet doing so much harm by surfing.

Starting with worst thing in the industry (the surfboard itself), Pete decided to dedicate some time into developing ways of making surfboards in a much more environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Without compromising on performance. In fact, finding and developing ways which actually improve the boards performance and longevity. So for the next few years, in between working abroad as a racing yacht builder, Pete set to work on creating the perfect eco friendly surfboard.

He found this in a mix of new and old materials and methods and with the help of Tim and Laura joining the team, has been developing better and faster ways to put this into production. So that more people can access these incredible boards.

Today, the company has its own green energy workshop and the first eco friendly surf shop in the UK, where you can see the boards in construction and check out the finished products in the shop. Order and design your own custom. You can even take a one week course in building your own Surfboard. Or just enjoy some of the eco surf accessories or sustainable clothing line.

Always expanding and looking for ways and means to improve our boards and products for the better. We really do believe that Quality = Sustainability.